About project

Motorenty.com is a marketplace focused on the car and motorcycle rental market in Thailand. We are not agents: we do not hide direct contacts of companies and do not receive commissions from them. All ads are published directly by companies.

At the moment, the project has no monetization. In the future it will be freemium business model.

Project's roadmap

  1. Beta version release
  2. Attracting companies and publishing several hundred ads
  3. Start an advertising campaign in social networks and Google Adwords
  4. "On map" mode for ads listing
  5. Leads form
  6. Interface for self-publishing and editing ads
  7. Section "Sale"
  8. Customers reviews and companies ratings
  9. CRM for rental business
  10. Online payment and booking
Best way to find cars, motorcycles and scooters for rent in Thailand

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